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Like the rain in the desert

Biblical stories are often as surprising as fairy tales.

We all had the pleasure and privilege of being dragged into their magical reality during childhood.

The story of the manna that fell in the desert to feed the people of Israel fleeing Egypt is something that comforts, reminding us of abundance after famine and hunger.

The desert is no longer scary.

More value for everyone

Manna is almost synonymous with life, of well-being.

Its nature, however, is so ambiguous that it’s still not known precisely what it is.

Many believe that manna is a kind of resin or ‘honeydew’ of the Tamarisk tree, and some intellectuals and artists think it’s a hallucinogenic mushroom instead.

But the issue doesn’t change: manna is a fantastic thing.

For me, manna is everything a person desires with all his soul.

It’s a precious diamond.

The kingdom of ‘It’s never enough’

In desperate situations, one thought always emerges clearly in our minds: ‘there is something wrong, something is missing …’.

We often end up ‘spreading’ this scarcity feeling over our entire existence. There is never enough of everything.

We live in a society conditioned by many false needs, which create useless and unattainable wishes.

Why poison life like this, waiting for the manna to fall from heaven?

We all need something special

The things that genuinely make us happy have no market and rarely fall out of the sky.

The things that make us happy are those that are perfectly in tune with our nature.

Something that comforts us

The ‘manna’ is, therefore, everything that can give us a valid comfort in the difficulties of everyday life, everything that ‘saves’ us from inner balance loss.

We are all tightrope walkers on a tightrope over the abyss …

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