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Self Portrait

Daniela Bombelli was born in Rome, where she lives and works.

She is a self-taught artist. Since adolescence, she has had a strong passion for visual arts, music, and the new technologies applied in these areas. From 1989 to 2014, she worked in the music business in Italy and abroad, covering various roles in hundreds of records, television and film projects. Since 2007, she has pursued a career as a visual artist, mainly focused on creating ‘ fine art ‘ photographic images. Recently, she dedicated herself to creating 2D and 3D artworks with the help of Artificial Intelligence. During the last years, she exhibited and published her artworks in Italy and abroad and won some international art prizes and competitions.

"The problem with introspection is that it has no end" ( P.H.Dick )


In the creative process, I am constantly focused on finding the balance between the mind and the psyche: I elaborate, clarify and materialise a personal point of view on any topic or theme of interest through the artistic form.

Creating with an artistic intention means dealing with opposing elements, such as beautiful/ugly, balanced/unbalanced, serene/disturbing and concrete/abstract.

These dyads are not just concepts or categories of physical matter but are elements of ethics and morality; they are the building blocks of our reality.

Producing art is, therefore, a continuous challenge whose result, always uncertain and surprising, is being able to pronounce one's truth out loud in that precise moment, which is the eternal present of living here and now.

It would be superfluous to make an almost infinite list of all those artists who, directly or indirectly, influence my work because each seed germinates when it finds itself in the right conditions, even after thousands of years.

My style naturally leans towards minimalism (less is more), both abstract and figurative.

No limit concerning materials and techniques.

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