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Fear to fly

The fear of flying, of freeing oneself lightly into the air, is not encountered only in dreams.

Many people are afraid of taking a plane, and perhaps many of you fall into this category.

But here, I want to talk to you about another fear of which flying is only a symbolic image: the fear of freedom.


I seem to hear your voices … you are saying that you are certainly not afraid of freedom.

But the word freedom implies another one, much more uncomfortable and demanding: responsibility.

And these two states are never separable.

It’s too easy to put problems on the shoulders of others! But any action we take is always and only ‘ours’: burdens and honours.

So why not try to stay, to be free consciously and responsibly all the time?

The world around us would be very different. Imagine, you can…


A synonym for freedom (and responsibility) is the word independence.

Independence always has costs, sometimes even very high ones, which involve the individual ability to face every difficulty alone, with confidence and courage.

And, looking around me, genuinely independent people are pretty rare …


Flying high like the eagle means trusting the wind, embracing an ever wider horizon with your gaze and above all, it means never being afraid of falling.

The joy of being up there, alone, and flying higher and higher.

Still afraid?

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