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A summer by the sea

Summer is coming, and many people are starting to plan their holidays. The majority will seek refreshment and recreation on the shores of lakes, rivers or seas around the globe.

But water can also be terribly dangerous.

For the passengers on the Titanic, for example, it was by no means a relaxing yet unforgettable vacation.


In contemporary man’s mentality and language, vacation and escape are often synonymous.

Have you ever thought of your holidays as escapes from the city, from the daily routine of your working life?

The story I want to draw your attention to is the biblical story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

The story of a daring escape.


Eloha Jahweh is undoubtedly one of the most skilled and ingenious special effects creators, an amazing large-scale magic ‘performer’.

Even Moses is like a magic wand in his hands, nothing more.

The magic show was spectacular: simultaneously carrying out an escape and a massacre. The sea is transformed into an escape route to safety and, at the same time, into a clockwork death device.

The name ‘Red Sea’ could not have been more perfect, prophetic: a colour blood sea.


Contemporary history, despite the inexorable unfolding of millennia of human civilisation, shows the massive presence of dictators and dictatorships (often cleverly disguised as democracies) around the world.

We sadly acknowledge, dear friends, that freedom is frightening for most of humanity.

Total personal responsibility throws billions of human souls into utter panic.

I believe that the faithful and followers of any religion or spiritual movement that provides for the total acceptance of dogmatic doctrines (religious or secular) have this attitude of rejection of their natural, inalienable and unlimited freedom.

They voluntarily enslave themselves. But rarely a slave is happy.

The only freedom of a slave is to obey.

The case of the Israelites is emblematic: first slaves of the Egyptian Pharaoh, then slaves of Jahweh. Always and in any case, slaves.


One final observation I dedicate to all people seriously concerned about climate change.

Our human culture is dotted with ancient people who labelled natural events (especially catastrophic ones as the division of the Red Sea’s waters certainly is) as magical or miraculous events.

It is perhaps trivial to say that climate changes have always existed, even those of significant impact, but that’s how it is.

So, let’s meditate, people, meditate.

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