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I turn into an inscrutable ocean.

I remember it, I never forget it.

I don't lack strength

and like the waves

I lull myself between black and white

amusing myself

in a circus of horrors.

Adorable monstrous human creatures

perfect for living these cruel but never senseless times.

The variation of their hideous forms

it's what my thoughts are.

Like crazy black monkeys

roll around screaming

on the circus ring

at the crack of the tamer's whip.

In the darkness of my depths

I smile so as not to cry

to those human creatures

exceptionally ugly

who keep me company and

for a while

they are my everything.

I put on my glasses

and I see in them

some small

imperishable truths.

But the circus is already dismantling

the marquee

and the black monkeys

dream beautiful dreams

in full colours.

A deformed humanity

greets me

and silently returns

in the inscrutable casket.

Freak Humanity circus

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