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This project was born from my passion for comics.

In 1979, Stefano Tamburini, a talented comic artist of the underground Roman scene, published for the first time his comic science fiction story “Ranxerox.”

Ranxerox is a machine computer in human shape, an android made with Xerox machine pieces and other technological waste.
He lives in Rome with his junk-addicted 12-year-old girlfriend, Lubna.

This strange futuristic metropolis of the XXI century has many zones or “levels”;

the last is the 30th.

The 30th level is a slum, where the most insane violence and the massive presence of an infinite variety of drugs are “natural” frameworks.

Is this the city where I live now?

In many aspects, unfortunately, yes.

I thought of my images as the backgrounds for the impossible new ‘Ranxerox’ comic series.

Shooting photographs in Rome is never banal; you only discover more than one city, and I’ll always be surprised.

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