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Via Crucis/via passionis

The Latin word ‘passio’ has different meanings.

The most relevant are: suffering, weakness and disease, strong and barely controllable emotion, unbalance of nature, accident. It also stands for the ‘Passion of Christ.’

I do not believe in any religion, but I find in them some interesting aspects to investigate. The  Via Crucis is one of most dramatic, cruel and bloody representation among those of the Catholic Church: the tale describing the events that bring the suffering Christ on the cross and his end, the death of the Living God.

Fourteen images that are in almost every church show the human side of Christ’s nature. I view them as a reflection on some aspects of the humankind itself. How do you make the experience of your humanity?

A story with such interesting visual and emotional characteristics evokes vivid colours, loud sounds, and intense smells. You can feel, see, hear and smell the violence showing itself in its triumphant entirety.

My images are like every passion: violent with vivid and disturbing colours, a considerable amount of contrast to make the lines sharp as a knife, hard lights, and expressive gesture.

To create these images I have destroyed the photographs, their original shape, appearance and their inner balance. With all the violence I detected in myself. And I find the result punchy and quite disturbing.

Sometimes the meaning of these photos is not so clear. It appears just like a rebus or a puzzle, for me also. But in the end, to be complicated is a natural human behaviour.

The complications and the difficulties make us creative.

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