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The awfulness majesty

I have some significant affinities with Edgar Allan Poe, personal and artistic.

On a personal level, we are tireless fighters and devoted lovers. Poe liked gambling, alcohol and maybe opium.

I like to play and drink some excellent Italian wine, and during my youth, I used some drugs, never developing any addictions. Both of us have always had severe financial problems.

Still today, I am penniless.

We share an unrestrained, flexible and complicated imagination that sometimes borders on obsession. We have a profound sensitivity towards all that is tragic. On the artistic level, in Poe’s oeuvre, this sense of tragedy and inevitable suffering turns into horror, violence and ruthlessness, which majestically creates the darkest dying.

This project includes images inspired by various Poe works, in which I tried to turn the darkness of terror into something brighter and lighter.

Even horror, like all things, has a hidden aspect, which is an integral part of it.

The majestic, but also surreal and ironic, side of horror.

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