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Memories can wait

In 1995, the director Theo Angelopoulos made the movie ‘Ulysses’ Gaze’ which focused on his reflection on memories linked to images, on that first simple glance that generates them both. Angelopoulos searches for the traces of a world of men and women, of shadows, far away in time and perhaps forgotten forever.

Each one of us carries a treasury of images, a collection of vistas we believe to be forgotten.

My images are a poetic manifestation of forms and inner landscapes, symbols and signs of our unconscious life. The human soul harbours an infinite archive of content, seemingly forgotten amidst the chaos of life. Unearthing these treasures always evokes a unique joy, a secret amazement akin to a rebirth.

In this world of geometric visions, duality plays strange tricks: light and dark, black and white, high and low, shapes and meanings mix, exchange and invert themselves, continuously searching for new transitory balances.

The absence of motion is only apparent.

These forms represent the hidden dynamism of the creative human life, which is always present in each one of us.


Memories can’t wait.

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